Carlos Murray



     My name is Carlos Murray and I am running for the office of Mayor in London, Ontario. The election is on October 22nd and I hope I can convince you to support my Campaign and cast your vote for me when the time comes. Taking this election into account I have run for the top office in 8 consecutive elections. Six in Sarnia, and now two in London.

      I have made it a point to never ask for financial assistance from anyone. But I am finding the need in a new city to need quite a bit of advertizing to get my name known here. And the cost is just too high for me to do it with only my own finances. If you think that my main idea of having public discussions and voting a good idea. Please dig deep and give me whatever assistance you find yourself capable of. Volunteering financial assistance and whatever other help you can muster and direct it my way.



      I think I failed to mention my main platform. The existing system gives City Council to make decisions for the City. This is simply not enough for our modern time. There are people who have University Degrees in economics working at McDonald's asking if you want fries with your burgers. These are people who could be helping to balance the city's budjet. But they are stuck doing menial labour because there simply aren't enough jobs out there in the areas they are qualified for.

     I am not trying to say that everyone will get what they want. But the more people we can get involved the better reflection of what the public feels is right would be shown as people voted on issues. And there would be much less to complain about if the public is getting togther to make the decision.


     An added feature to all this would be people from all over the world would be looking at London, Ontario to see if this can be made to work. Then in the next elections people would be spring up with the same platform. And a provincial party would spring up to take the kind of government to Queen's Park. (Provincial.) And then after that a federal party would spring up. And we would have all of Canada being run by this kind of system. And then other countries would follow suit until the whole world would be joining in. I say that's when peace will guide the planet.


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     One of the biggest expenses in an election campaign is that of signage. In a city the size of London 10,000 signs would barely be noticed. At a cost of $5 or so each, that would make $50,000 just for starting. So I have come up with another way to do this and spread the cost out to the supporters and have people make their own signs in sort of a grass roots manner and place them somewhere that they can be seen.

     I think that this kind of thing would be quite decorative and show public support. And quite a variety of artisan signage. I once jokingly suggested that people use old boxes from when they have had a pizza and put them up. It may sound like silly and unprofessional and rediculous with the media joking about the "Pizza Box Mayor". But if thousands of pizza boxes started popping up around the city. Such a grass roots kind of support might be just what I need to start to be taken seriously.

     If I can find a way to set up a way to donate digitally by way of PayPal or some other online money transfer, I will create a link in this section of my site. But otherwize, please make out cheques to the


"Carlos Murray for Mayor Campaign" and mail to:


Carlos Murray

PO Box 44044

Carling PO

London, Ontario

N6B 2L4